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The Complete Mauskaveli

Mauskaveli is a comic book about a group of kinky, queer, politically active polyamorous anthropomorphic mice. Their leader, Mistress Mauskaveli, escaped a biotech lab along with her boyfriends, Petricio and Rogue. All three mice were experimented on – Mauskaveli developed superior intelligence, Rogue regenerative powers, and Petricio, charisma. They have a pet catzbatz named Dooky, spontaneously generated from poop. The amorous threesome grew increasingly disenchanted with life in a cage, and then one day they escaped. Since then, they have lived in a newspaper print shop, where they produce political protest zines and fight the powers that be. Mauskaveli and Petricio have a D/s relationship, and Mauskaveli and Rogue have a child together, a mouse necromancer named DeathAngel. Rogue died and was resurrected by DeathAngel. Since then, he’s gone by the superhero name Count Slackula. Count Slackula fights to defend the downtrodden, especially the homeless. You can read a lot of the Mauskaveli comic book online on The Web Duck Comics here: Mauskaveli Online.

You can order the gorgeous color Complete Mauskaveli comic book here:

Or the original black and white Mauskaveli here:

The Original Mauskaveli comic, which contains most of the online comic content
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