Welcome to the Mauskaveli Clothing website. If you don’t see what you want, just drop me a line under ORDERS and let me know what you want and I will see if I can have it made for you. A t-shirt with any character is available for $23 +SH basic white tee, $25+SH basic black tee (USD). There are a lot of other kinds of merch available.

The Mauskaveli brand started out as a subsidiary of the Dooky Zines imprint. Dooky – a flying catzbatz who spontaneously generated from poop in a litterbox – was reinvented as a microversion of himzelf in Mauskaveli, a minicomic zine about three polyamourous kinky mice, Rogue, Mauskaveli, and Petricio. In time the whole thing expanded a great deal.

About the Gear – Sumiko Saulson, the cartoonist, designs the clothing patterns but gets them printed by external vendors. The sizing depends upon the vendors who make the specific design, but most of them come in standard sizes from a unisex XS to a unisex 3XL in American sizes.

There is a wide selection of clothing available into up to a unisex 5XL (it’s about the same as a loose women’s 5XL or a men’s 4XL).

Children’s clothing sizes start at size 4. Since infant and toddler clothing is not readily available through any of our regular vendors, we set up a separate Cafepress shop.

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